Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas (movie) season....

Don't think I'm skipping over Thanksgiving - though I kind of am....
See - I love Thanksgiving.  I have a very specific Thanksgiving routine that I love, which includes cooking a big fat dinner.  However, this year we'll be with my husband's family, which means that I'm not cooking.  Just chasing little boys and hanging with family.  It should be very relaxing :)

But, since I'm not cooking, or grocery shopping, or doing any of that nonsense, Christmas is much higher on my radar this year.  Especially since the Christmas movies have started.

Erin and I love Christmas movies.  Especially the made-for-tv, Hallmark or ABC Family or Lifetime feel-good Christmas movies.  Love.

My DVR is locked and loaded.  Full of movies about Christmas Angels, retiring Santas, single mothers finding the perfect father for their children for Christmas....  Admittedly the themes and plots are very predictable, and my standards, they are low.  If a movie actually contains an actor I've heard of, then it's probably going to be AWESOME (a shining example is that I was thrilled to see James Van Der Beek was in Mrs. Miracle).    Would I go see a movie in a theater because of James Van Der Beek?  Um...no.

It's become a Christmas movie time suck.  There are at least 8 movies saved right now.  And it's not even Thanksgiving.  I can't wait until I have presents to wrap, and then can actually feel productive while I plunk my bottom in front of the TV.

What's your Christmas guilty pleasure? 

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