Monday, November 8, 2010

Daylight Savings Time - Pure Parental Torture

Oh Daylight Savings Time, how I hate you....
I was thinking about DST for weeks before it happened, totally terrified of what was to come.  Goose is not the best sleeper, anyway, and is generally a very early riser.  5 AM is not unheard of at all in our house, and that is besides the fact that Goose also wakes up hungry in the middle of the night.  I can often be found feeding the child bananas at 2 AM.
Needless to say, DST had me a little tense, if you will.  So my husband and I were working diligently to move his bedtime and naptimes back, so that when our clocks jumped back, we were back on schedule.  That part has gone just fine.  The problem is the mornings.
It turns out that no matter what time Goose goes to sleep, he still likes to wake absurdly early.  The latest we've gotten him to sleep prior to the big time change was 6:45 AM.  Now?  We're talking 4:30 (AM!)
I have friends who tell me to just let him hang out in his crib until it reaches a reasonable hour, but Goose wakes HUNGRY - he is not great at eating dinner, for whatever reason, so if he happens to sleep through the night, then when he wakes, he wants food - pronto.  This morning, he ate a banana, strawberries, a whole cup of cereal, an egg with cheese and ham, and a half a piece of toast with butter.   A child who eats that much at 5 AM will not go back to sleep willingly when he wakes hungry.

If someone would like to tell me that this too, shall pass, and maybe that it shall pass by the end of the week, I will be eternally grateful!  How is DST affecting your household?


  1. I feel ya Bridget! I'm excited that I got to sleep until 5 this morning! Alex has been waking up at 430...and waking his sister up with him! UGH!!!

  2. Oh Becky! It's true, isn't it - everything is harder with two! It's sad that I'm jealous of your 5 AM wakeup, but at the same time, you've given me hope that is might slowly get better :)

  3. It is getting better so keep your head up! While Alyssa still woke up at 5 something, Alex slept til a lil after 6!!!