Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about the poop

This morning I did what every parent ends up doing at some time, or rather, all the time.  I went to the bathroom with the door open.  In the meantime, Goose ran rampant about the upstairs, basically going back and forth between his bedroom and my bedroom.  At one point, kiddo ran into the bathroom and ripped the side of his diaper.  Yes, on purpose.  I should mention that he was wearing a pajama top and his diaper.  His pants hadn't made it back on after our morning diaper change.
Anyway, he ripped open the side of his diaper, then ran back out of the bathroom.  On a side note, our house is babyproofed within an inch of it's life, because Goose is into EVERYTHING.  I was...ahem...otherwise incapacitated, and crossed my fingers that Goose would be okay until I could go grab him and put a new diaper on him.
Sadly, I was out of luck.  About a minute later, kiddo runs back into the bathroom with no diaper on and poop on his hands.  I quickly scooped him up and sat him on the side of the sink and washed his hands.  Of course now his hands were clean, but now there was poop on our countertop.  Ewww....
Then I went on a mission to find the origin of the poop.
I found the diaper in the hallway, completely empty.  Bad sign.
Sure enough, there was poop in our room.  Right next to my husband's alarm clock, which he loves to play with.  This means that at some point, in the 5 minutes that Goose was diaper-less, he managed to squat and drop a deuce.   I guess the scariest part about this story is that poop does not gross me out anymore.  
I believe that the acceptance of poop in all it's forms is a big hurdle you jump as you become a parent.  I distinctly remember a few years ago when a friend who was just a couple of months into parenthood texted me that she woke up with poop on her finger.  She had changed a dirty diaper in the middle of the night, and then collapsed back in her bed, still stuck in the new parent exhaustive cloud.  This story horrified the non-parent version of me, and while I laughed at my friend, I just couldn't fathom this happening in my lifetime.  Now?  Barely a parenting veteran, I couldn't understand more.
Feel free to share your best poop story!  I would love to know who else is in the thick of it, so to speak...

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