Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The cold and flu season begins....

You know once you get your first cold it's that time of year "Cold and Flu Season".  It seems this year it is starting early around here.  Not only do I have a raging cold but there is a terrible flu bug going around and yes my sister, her husband, and Goose have it.   I have a record of getting the stomach flu and ending up in the hospital. Last year I got it twice and ended up both times in the hospital.  So staying away from them this week.
The best thing of course is rest, fluids, and taking it easy on your stomach so no pounding pizza and hot peppers.  One doctor told me to take kaopectate which I did last time and it really worked wonders, big believer in that over Pepto.  As for when your little one gets it...definitely call your pediatrician and follow whatever they say.  Last time my son got sick with a stomach bug and was having a hard time getting motivated to drink something I pulled out popsicles and that worked like a charm.  They have these little popsicles that are "slow melts" and are perfect for toddlers which you can get at any grocery store.  Also around this time I carry antibacterial "wet ones" with me everywhere I go.  I wipe my sons hands down after every little errand or outing.  I keep them in my car and bag to help minimize the germ spread especially around this time of the year when colds are running amuck. I'm hoping that cuts down on some of the potential colds he would have got. 
So to celebrate the beginning of the flu season today my son and I are having a "Day In" of playing and watching some awesome cartoons.  When I say awesome I'm being completely sarcastic.  I think my cold is getting worse in the company of Barney and Thomas the Train but what can you do when you have a 2 year old and feel like crap?  Build a huge train town in your basement which occupied my son for at least two hours.  It was fun watching him play and then come over every time I blew my nose and say "Mommy? Boogies?" Yes he is a complete charmer, ladies love him.  Suprisingly he has been super good today which make me wonder if I should pretend to be sick every now and again......or just build him a huge train town.

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