Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yikes. What is going on, Marie Claire?

So...we've been doing a LOT of talking about farts and poop on here.  Amazingly, this was not intentional.  I guess we just talk about poop a lot.
Anyway, I figured I would go ahead and steer the topic into another direction.  Let's talk about what is going on with Marie Claire.  In the past month or so, Marie Claire has been causing a whole lot of drama and upset amongst the cyber world and beyond.
I'll give a quick summary of the drama they've stirred up.  And I'll try not to laugh, because it's so hilariously hypocritical and stupid, I don't even know what is going on over there.
The first piece that got everyone fired up, especially in the "healthy living" blogging community was this article which was supposed to be some sort of expose on how healthy living blogs (or rather, some of the most popular healthy living blogs) are actually spurring on anorexia and causing readers to hold themselves up to unachievable standards.  This article seemed to be poorly researched and really defamatory to a bunch of bloggers who are doing a pretty bang-up job of tracking workouts and healthy recipes and generally talking about being good to your body.  Obviously, with these blogs being popular, the backlash from the article was harsh and immediate, and a quick glimpse at Marie Claire's Facebook page is a great way to get a view of how upset people are over what was written.
Next, Marie Claire has one of its bloggers write this piece on how it's gross to watch fat people on television.  I read the article with a general look of "Is this chick for real?"  Apparently yes, she is.  And while I do believe that everyone has their right to their own opinion, I also hope that the editors at Marie Claire are getting what they were hoping for - whatever that is.  Maybe clicks on their website?
Are they hoping to make themselves stand out in the crowd by being controversial? 
Does anyone else just sit back and laugh at how ridiculously hypocritical it is that they blasted a bunch of healthy living bloggers for supposedly selling an ideal about being skinny, then go ahead and post a blog entry on how 'gross' it is to watch fat people kiss?
I literally laughed out loud today when I was on the treadmill at the gym and saw that the Today show was interviewing Emme and Rachel Sklar about the piece, and happened to mention that Marie Claire and the writer of this article, Maura Kelly declined to participate in their piece about the article.  Sometimes it's easier to hide behind the keys of your laptop.
I, for one, am super curious as to how Marie Claire tries to bounce back from this one.  Although I am not planning on picking up one of their magazines to find out.

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