Monday, October 18, 2010

Diarrhea's Kryptonite

Goose got his first stomach bug this weekend.  What a horrible thing for a toddler to go through.  I got home late on Saturday night to my fabulous husband cleaning vomit off himself and carrying a stack of clothes and towels down to the laundry.  And so it began...
We spent Saturday night systematically trying to get the poor child to sleep and then inevitably the bug would hit again and another set of Dr. Seuss sheets would wind up in the washer.  By mid-morning Sunday, the bug had moved down the digestive track and well, it was all diarrhea from there.
It's funny how sometimes life throws you a bone.  I had brunched with the playgroup moms on Saturday morning (a rare no-baby outing) and one of the moms was discussing her daughter's recent bout with a nasty stomach bug.  In casual passing, she mentioned that she had switched her daughter to rice milk while she was sick, and that seemed to help quite a bit.
Inevitably, I ended up sending my poor husband out to the grocery to raid the organic aisle for rice milk and white toast.  I said a little prayer and offered Goose the plain, then the vanilla rice milk.  I can't explain the level of relief our house hit when Goose not only drank a good bit of the vanilla rice milk, but then slept all the way through from 7 PM to 5 AM, not waking once to shoot various body fluids out.
This morning, suspecting the bug was only a 24 hour thing, we decided to offer Goose a mix of cow's milk and rice milk, serving only to inspire another round of exorcist-style head spinning vomit.  This round, and the fact that my husband was headed off to work had me calling the pediatric advice nurse this morning.  Sure enough, it was the cow's milk that had him spilling his guts. 
I'm sure we've all heard of the BRAT diet for diarrhea, so rice milk does make a lot of sense in keeping with this plan.  And I'm relieved to be able to offer the poor little guy something when his sick and tragic self runs around asking for milk!

Any other tips or ideas of what's worked for you with a sick baby?

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