Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Schedules gone awry....

I REALLY needed some yoga today.  Really.  After running the Warrior Dash on Sunday, then doing a full regular workout on Monday, my body was aching for some quiet time and the chance to work the kinks out.  How do things never work out the way I plan?  Having checked out the schedule at the gym on Sunday, I realized I could take an 8 AM yoga class, IF I get Goose, my 15 month old son, to the gym right when the daycare opens.

In typical fashion, Goose uncooperatively cooperated, by waking up at 6:30.  He also managed to wake up at 1AM, and 2:30 AM, so I was not necessarily bright eyed and busy tailed at 6:30, but we were up, and the likelihood of getting to the gym at 8 was definitely high.  After making Goose french toast and strawberries, which he happily dropped on the floor to supplement our dog, Mojo's breakfast, and getting him dressed and out the door, we managed to walk into the gym right at 8 AM.  I rushed Goose to the daycare, had a remarkably drama-free drop off, and rushed up to the yoga studio.  Which was...empty.  A quick discussion with a nearby personal trainer revealed that the schedule changed and tomorrow is the 8 AM yoga class. So we'll try again tomorrow...

But in the meantime, what workout would you do on a day like this?  Because with the frequency that my gym mixes up the class schedule, or the frequent likelihood that I would just be too late for my planned class regardless, I feel like I need a good workout for days when I'm planning on taking it easy on my body.  Today I just did the elliptical, which was fine, but not the workout I wanted.

So what's your low-key workout?

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